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Next Steps Aren't Always Clear

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Career and college journeys are full of complex decisions and transitions,
and I understand how it feels to be unsure, stuck, or even completely lost
when considering your next steps. That's why I'm dedicated to providing
you a personalized (and free!) success plan to help you move forward.

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Master Plan

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Personalized to Your Goals

Move forward successfully with a plan that's 100% personalized to your own situation and goals.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Where are you feeling unsure, stuck, or lost? Tell me when you request your Master Plan. Your 5 steps are uniquely based on the details you provide and designed to increase your clarity, confidence, and success.

Organized into Achievable Steps

Move forward easily with custom-built strategies conveniently arranged into 5 doable steps.

This step-by-step guidance will show you exactly where to put your time and energy. Accomplish all 5 for the best outcome possible, or gain a success boost from each one separately. Ultimately, every step you take will get you that much closer to your goals.

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Delivered Fast and Free

Move forward quickly with professional advice that is free of cost and commitment.

Within just 24 hours of your request, your Master Plan (PDF) will arrive in your inbox. In it, you'll find free, helpful advice that can be implemented immediately. And rest assured- there is no obligation, requirement, or pressure to purchase anything or work with me.

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All for Your Success, by Masters

Helping you move forward is my way of paying it forward.

Sometimes, we just need a little guidance to get us going on a solid path. That's why I'm dedicated to providing you a personalized success plan at no cost. All I ask is that you pay it forward in the future. A little guidance can go a long way and change someone's life for the better!

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Heather Masters - Founder of Masters Career and College Advising - True Blue Square Flipped

"The advice Heather gave me
tremendously boosted my
confidence and success as a
young professional"

Testimonial for Heather Masters - Masters Career & College Advising - Malikah

Malikah G, BA, MBA

Project Manager
Automotive Industry

"I struggled with finding the
career path for me- If it had not
been for Heather, I would not
have had a clear path to explore"

Austen's Testimonial for Masters Career & College Advising - Heather Masters

Austen M

Junior & Resident Asst
@ Central Michigan Univ

"I am truly grateful that Heather
was willing to help me strengthen
my skills and find the confidence
to acquire a position"

Xavier E, BBA

Technical Support Rep
Information Services Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s similar.  However, your Master Plan aims to do one better than a traditional free consultation.

Traditional free consultations often withhold any advice or guidance until you pay and are typically only offered to showcase services available for purchase.

Beneficially different, your Master Plan provides free, fully personalized advice detailed in 5 easy-to-follow steps that you can implement immediately.  I also include a hand-picked service that best fits your situation and goals if you choose to work with me (there is no obligation or requirement to purchase anything or work with me).

No.  My goal is to help you, not sell to you.  There is no obligation, requirement, or pressure to purchase anything or work with me.  So, rest assured that your Master Plan is not a sales pitch or showcase of services.

This is a thoughtfully prepared, personalized success plan designed to help you move forward. It’s my way of paying it forward, and all I ask is that you pay it forward in the future.

If you’d like to work together afterward, wonderful!  Your Master Plan serves as the perfect starting point and enables us to get to work quickly.

If you decide to navigate your next steps on your own, I respect that and hope your Master Plan serves as a great guide to help bring your goals to fruition.  Additionally, you’ll only receive further communication from me if you request it.

Within 24 hours via email. Begin with the Master Plan Request Form below.

I will quickly and thoughtfully craft your Master Plan (PDF) to be ready and delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of your request, even on weekends.

If your request is made just before or during a holiday, or if I encounter anything that hinders my ability to fulfill your request within 24 hours, I will email you with an updated, reasonable delivery day/time.

If you have any questions about the status of your Master Plan, please message me.

Yes!  I’d be happy to answer questions you have about your Master Plan, or clarify something that I mentioned.  So, feel free to reach out.

Just know, though, that if your question requires an in-depth answer or more thorough guidance, I’ll recommend a service that fits you best based on your question.


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Have a different question? Ask it here:

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2. Receive Your Plan

Your personalized plan will arrive via
email within 24 hours of submission.
Message me with any questions.

3. Move Forward!

Benefit from the free advice, and work
with me, if desired. You'll only receive
further emails if you request it.

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